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Get Your WordPress Website Started
3 steps to a wordpress website below

step 1 to your wordpress website - get a domain name

easy domain name (url) registration and transfers with ourOnline.company

Choose your unique WordPress Website domain name (www) or use one you already own

step 2 to your wordpress website - order web hosting

genuine trusted dedicated and cloud hosting solutions with ourOnline.company

Choose the Webhost package to suit your needs. We recommend the GoPack for beginners

step 3 to your wordpress website - quickinstall wordpress

use quickinstall to install wordpress with ourOnline.company webhost

Log into your cPanel account and use QuickInstall to 1-click install optimized WordPress

Get Your WordPress Website Started

4 STEPS for an easy
WordPress QuickInstall
tips and tricks for wordpress

Click the QuickInstall Icon

Log into your cPanel account

To begin login to your ourOnline.Company hosting account’s cPanel dashboard using the login name and password that were sent to you when you signed up. Scroll down to the Software section and then click on the QuickInstall icon.

step 1 of wordpress quickinstall with ourOnline.company

Click the WordPress Installer

Install WordPress for free

On the 1-Click Installers page on QuickInstall you will see that it offers installations for most popular web applications including WordPress. You need to click on WordPress to launch the WordPress installer.

step 2 of wordpress quickinstall with ourOnline.company

Click Install Wordpress

You can do it yourself

The WordPress installer will load where you will see an overview of the software. Simply click on the ‘Install WordPress’ button, under the Free Option, to continue.

step 3 of wordpress quickinstall with ourOnline.company

Click Install Wordpress

Fill out the installation form

First you need to choose the installation domain name. If you want to install WordPress in a sub-directory like ourwebhost.com/blog then you need to enter blog in the install path field. Leave it blank if you want to install WordPress in the root directory, like ourwebhost.company.
You need to provide a title for your site, this could be anything and you can always change it later. Next, you need to provide a username, password, and email address for the admin account. You will also need to enter first and last name for the admin user.
Once you are satisfied with the settings, click on the Install WordPress button to begin the installation.
QuickInstall will now install WordPress for you. You will see a progress bar and then an installation success message when it is done.
Click on the drop down icon next to view credentials button in the success message. A fly down menu will appear with login credentials and a link to the admin area of your newly installed WordPress site. OurOnline.Company will also email the credentials to the email address you specified as the Admin Email.

step 4 of wordpress quickinstall with ourOnline.company

Start Your WordPress Website Now

3 Must Have WordPress Plug-ins
must have plug-ins for wordpress

must have plug-in 1 for your wordpress website - ewww image optimizer

ewww image optimizer plugin for wordpress with ourOnline.company

EWWW Image Optimizer
Use this plug-in to automatically reduce the size and loading time of images on your website

must have plug-in 2 for your wordpress website - w3 total cache

w3 total cache plugin for wordpress with ourOnline.company

W3 Total Cache
Speed up your website and reduce server load with customized page and browser caching

must have plug-in 3 for your wordpress website - yoast seo

yoast seo plugin for wordpress with ourOnline.company webhost

Yoast SEO
Improve your SEO automatically with title tags, xml sitemaps, and indexation rules

BECOME A PANDA GURU with these free
WordPress Lessons for Beginners
must have plug-ins for wordpress
ouronline.company panda guru Learn to create, update, and post like a WordPress Panda Guru! These free lessons cover every aspect of WordPress from installation, that we've already done in 3 steps, to how to choose and update templates and color schemes. DIY websites at their finest!

Free WordPress Guru Tutorials

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